Drupal & Joomla

To most people, Drupal and Joomla means you will get a few weird looks when those words come out of your mouth. To web developers and designers it means two varieties of open source, php-based content management systems. In our house, it means those two cute black kitties that are trying to bite your toes.

When we got our two little kitties, they needed names. The kids were leaning towards Petunia and Rosie, and I suppose we should’ve went with those. There is something about geeks with pet cats that scream, don’t use ordinary names! We tossed around names related to sci-fi and micro-controlers (I still like the possibility of a pet named Arduino, a fish maybe  –eat your heart out Nemo.

My favorite for building websites is WordPress but it just doesn’t make a good name. Concrete may be a good CMS and it would’ve been hilarious to hear, “Kids, stop carrying around Concrete!”

Django is a favorite, especially for a dog, but for a pair of cats we went with Drupal and Joomla, both php-based, and open-source (which is fitting since we were given these two cats).

You can only imagine the opportunities for geeky humor when you hear things coming from your kids like:

  • Joomla is evil
  • I’m in love with Drupal
  • Joomla is stuck in the tree
  • Can we take Drupal on a car ride?
  • Joomla has a hairball
  • Drupal was sleeping on my bed this morning
  • Joomla caught a mouse
  • Drupal needs a bath

Geeky naming conventions FOR THE WIN!!!  :)

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