The Cheese Ball War

The kids beg when they see it and I had been steadfast in saying no, until yesterday.  There is now a ginormous tub of cheese balls in the house.

I have worked hard to change our menu so that we are eating healthier. It doesn’t always happen, but I try.  I had noticed a friend had the same tub of cheeseballs at her house and thought, well, if she’s doing it, can’t be that bad.  I knew if I did it, my kids would be happy not to mention the hubby.

I personally hate them, Cheetos too, always have.  The smell of that florescent orange powder, the grimy fingers, and the texture that sticks to your teeth…. ick.  There have been times that I’ve had the Cheeto sticks, but anymore the smell takes the desire to eat them far, far away.  So the bonus is a snack my family can eat and I won’t touch them, literally, and that was certainly a selling point.

So stuffing all guilty thoughts aside, I purchased the highly sought after tub.  The family is happy despite my threats that it had better last a week.  Realistically it will probably last 3 days now that the hubby started eating them… in fact, he stuck the tub on the top of the kitchen cabinets to keep the kids out of it.

The cheese ball war has begun.


Later that day when the kids went to Grammy’s house, hubby moved said cheese balls to his nightstand. 

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