I gotta say, I love making geeky books.  With that, its getting really close to releasing the next one, S is for Spork!  Woohoo!

The proof came in today and it was great to see it for real and not just on my screen.  Then there it was, the page that I didn’t put any shadow and all that good stuff on.  How awful would it have been if I sent it out in the world with that one mistake.  Yikes!  SO, another week and another proof to be ordered.

First off, my friend Julie kept telling me and telling me that I need to put my books on etsy.  I wasn’t sure if it qualified as “handmade” and so I sent an e-mail one day.  I got word back that it certainly is okay as long as I’m the one fulfilling the orders. So I have set up shop and am waiting for a batch of books to arrive so I can get them listed.

In other news I have been messaging people and unlike the last time I did that, I actually got some responses!  So as soon as my order of G is for Geek comes in, I will be taking a stack up to Science Museum Oklahoma’s gift shop.  This will be the first retail location that my book will be sold in!

The other exciting news is that I’m talking with a local bookstore about a book signing.  When I have a little more information I will post details on my Facebook page and Twitter (be sure to like and follow those to be in the loop).

One thing I’m still waiting on is my approval from Apple to sell the ebook versions of G is for Geek and S is for Spork through iBook.  G is for Geek is already converted and ready, but I’m just waiting now and hoping I did the application correctly.

It is exciting to see the books make it out of my little circle of friends and family and out into the world.  If you want to help give a little push, you can share updates on Facebook and Twitter and add the books to your Pinterest.  If you have a little time and nerves of steel, send Think Geek an e-mail!  Who knows what will happen with a little bit of momentum.  :)

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