Three Geek Forces for Meal Planning

Okay, I admit, I like pencil and paper for a lot of things.  That was before I discovered the joy of list apps that sync from computer to phone to tablet.  I already keep my phone near and dear, well, except when the hubby really needs to get ahold of me and then it is laying in the other room or completely dead….  Anywhoooo, I am realizing more and more the power of this and am finding new ways to leverage it, ie: meal planning.

So here’s three geeky forces that I combined to get a daunting task done and actually have fun doing it.  I may actually find that we may have healthy, easy and cheap meals too.  If only I could save money so it can go to buying more tech toys (or just pay for the kids’ braces).

Force #1: Pinterest

Yep, Pinterest.  I love it.  I think women have this need to collect and organize stuff, in this case information and cute junk.  Whoever came up with Pintrest is genius and filled a need women didn’t really know they had… to pin.  Yeah, that includes the geeky ones too.

So with Pinterest, I found popular recipes, healthy recipes, budget friendly-recipes, freezer-recipes, and recipes that will cause me to gain 50 pounds.   The great thing is that I could pin them so I can easily find them in the future and not have to wade through a gazillion open tabs to find recipes that looked interesting or risk browser death and restore all 58 tabs in Firefox.

Force #2: Blogs

Those Pins took me to blogs and I got to poke around and ended up falling in love with a few sites in-particular…

Cook Like a Diva
Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body
Budget Bytes

I’m especially interested in cramming as many vegetables into our meals, Deceptively Delicious style.  It’s my newest obsession.  It’s all possible because someone else is a far better cook and blogger than myself.

Force #3: Evernote

I will say up front, the iPhone app is buggy and won’t sync, but I love their elephant icon and so will wait until they straighten up their code.  Now with all this info from Pinterest and the blogs, I started making lists and those lists filled a “notebook” or a grouping of lists that you can create with Evernote.  All these recipes are pasted in and if I’m ever at the store, I can grab my phone and look up the ingredients.  Also, I have  created a food list and a shopping list with Evernote on my laptop, which will sync to my phone or tablet.  I now don’t have to worry about a piece of paper that I loose 90% of the time…  For the most part I keep an eye on my phone as if it is my 4th child, but sorta like Stuart Little, because children aren’t pocket-sized.  List on phone without any additional work, WIN.

So that is just a few ways I’m figuring out how tech can compliment domestic duties, or maybe, that was that all just a ploy to spend a few hours on Pinterest.  :)

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