My Christmas gift is not a cotton sock monkey with diamond eyes balls…

My husband got me a Christmas gift.  I know this because he came home from work and went to our closet.  I really didn’t think a whole lot about it, not because he always makes a b-line to our closet after work, but probably because I was chatting at him, like I do when I haven’t had adult interaction for a few hours.  Anyway, he fessed up that he got me a gift, and I KNOW he wanted to just give it to me, but instead I started badgering him with questions on what it may be and what it better NOT be.  This is what I know…

  • It is small
  • It is animal, vegetable, and mineral
  • It is not an alive animal
  • It may be a dead animal
  • It may resemble an animal
  • It may be from a country that doesn’t follow the Geneva convention
  • It is not jewelry
  • It is handmade/custom
  • It is not the word Amber carved out of amber
  • It is not a dead mouse finger glove, thankfully
  • It is not jewelry
  • It may have something to do with amber, the petrified substance, not me.  He was trying to convince me that amber was animal, mineral, and vegetable…but its animal if something was petrified inside of it.
  • and it is not a sock monkey with diamond eye balls
I think I’m going to ask some more questions today…
  • Did it come from Jurrasic Park?  (to make sure it doesn’t contain dinosaur DNA, which I really don’t want in our house, for saftey reasons of course)
  • Did Tibetian Monks craft it with their bare hands and feet?
  • If doesn’t contain any scorpions, right?
Only a few more days, but I can wait, this is fun.  :)
The gift was a hand-carved elephant, either out of ebony or ironwood, that came from Uganda.  Hubby knows of someone through the local hacker-maker space that is doing mission work in Uganda.  To help raise money, he brought back some cool stuff.  So not only do I get a cool elephant, but money didn’t go to big corporations, but to mission work.  You did good Mr. Parrow.  :)

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