May the 4th be With You!

In honor of the day, here are a couple of the pages that didn’t get in the published version of G is for Geek.  After a lot of thought,  I decided to play it safe and not include them in the book as the thought of being sued by George Lucas was not very appealing.  read more »

Sneaky Peeks

Really hoping this is the final edit of S is for Spork.  Proof ordered and hopefully we’ll have it published by Feb. 1st.   For your patience, a little page for the upcoming V-day.   Also, I’ve been working on another book, but with a totally different theme.  I had an idea to do something read more »

My Christmas gift is not a cotton sock monkey with diamond eyes balls…

My husband got me a Christmas gift.  I know this because he came home from work and went to our closet.  I really didn’t think a whole lot about it, not because he always makes a b-line to our closet after work, but probably because I was chatting at him, like I do when I read more »

Three Geek Forces for Meal Planning

Okay, I admit, I like pencil and paper for a lot of things.  That was before I discovered the joy of list apps that sync from computer to phone to tablet.  I already keep my phone near and dear, well, except when the hubby really needs to get ahold of me and then it is read more »

Cats… You’re Welcome.

To redeem myself for not posting for a while, I will post cat pictures.  You’re welcome.    Toilet water isn’t just for the dogs Wash… …then tumble dry! This is the cat drawer Ignorance is bliss cat. Dump Truck Kitty, now available at a store near you.

Candy Car

Some dads play catch with their kids.  My hubby, a robot-maker, showed the kids how to salvage parts from their broken RC toys and build something new.  I suggested it shouldn’t be ordinary, and we came up the idea of a moving candy jar, or as we call it, the candy car. Pretty awesome if read more »


I gotta say, I love making geeky books.  With that, its getting really close to releasing the next one, S is for Spork!  Woohoo! The proof came in today and it was great to see it for real and not just on my screen.  Then there it was, the page that I didn’t put any read more »

The Cheese Ball War

The kids beg when they see it and I had been steadfast in saying no, until yesterday.  There is now a ginormous tub of cheese balls in the house. I have worked hard to change our menu so that we are eating healthier. It doesn’t always happen, but I try.  I had noticed a friend read more »

Drupal & Joomla

To most people, Drupal and Joomla means you will get a few weird looks when those words come out of your mouth. To web developers and designers it means two varieties of open source, php-based content management systems. In our house, it means those two cute black kitties that are trying to bite your toes. read more »

Non-Sinister Organist

It dawned on me one day that in the old time movies, the bad guys will go off and play a sinister tune on the organ in their haunted house or lair. Just like in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken The Phantom of the Opera (although he isn’t really a bad guy in this story, read more »