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Sneaky Peeks

Really hoping this is the final edit of S is for Spork.  Proof ordered and hopefully we’ll have it published by Feb. 1st.   For your patience, a little page for the upcoming V-day.   Also, I’ve been working on another book, but with a totally different theme.  I had an idea to do something read more »


I gotta say, I love making geeky books.  With that, its getting really close to releasing the next one, S is for Spork!  Woohoo! The proof came in today and it was great to see it for real and not just on my screen.  Then there it was, the page that I didn’t put any read more »

A BIG Thank You!

It only seemed fitting for me to send out a big THANK YOU to the many people who helped get this book ready to roll.  So many were supportive while I was making and posting different pages on my Facebook, each like and comment was very much appreciated!  There were a few people that helped read more »

Book Day!!

It would be an understatement for me to say I’m excited.  I may not have done a happy dance because I was too busy hitting the approval button and writing up Facebook Status updates.  Never mind that, its ready! To celebrate the first 100 copies being sold, you get $1 off with the discount code read more »