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My Christmas gift is not a cotton sock monkey with diamond eyes balls…

My husband got me a Christmas gift.  I know this because he came home from work and went to our closet.  I really didn’t think a whole lot about it, not because he always makes a b-line to our closet after work, but probably because I was chatting at him, like I do when I read more »

Cats… You’re Welcome.

To redeem myself for not posting for a while, I will post cat pictures.  You’re welcome.    Toilet water isn’t just for the dogs Wash… …then tumble dry! This is the cat drawer Ignorance is bliss cat. Dump Truck Kitty, now available at a store near you.

The Cheese Ball War

The kids beg when they see it and I had been steadfast in saying no, until yesterday.  There is now a ginormous tub of cheese balls in the house. I have worked hard to change our menu so that we are eating healthier. It doesn’t always happen, but I try.  I had noticed a friend read more »